Motorcycle Insurance in Ohio

When Ohio bikers are looking to insure their most crucial investments, they rely on The Merhar Agency LLC in Willoughby, OH. Many riders find themselves wondering if they need motorcycle insurance. Others may have policies that are not genuinely sufficient. That's why we are here to debunk the myths and provide the necessary background.

For starters, all Ohio motorcycle riders must purchase the necessary liability coverage. It is required by law, and there are no exceptions to be made. If you are not meeting the minimum requirements when it comes to your financial responsibility, you are not going to be allowed on the roadways.

The insurance policies that are purchased in these instances are tailored to the vehicle itself, as opposed to any individual needs. No, an auto insurance policy is not going to offer the necessary coverage, and it should not be treated as a form of motorcycle insurance.

Bare minimum policies will keep riders on the roadways, but they are not always going to offer sufficient coverage. That's why riders must make sure that they are obtaining the proper package. Bodily injury coverage and property damage coverage are both of the utmost importance.

These forms of coverage form the nucleus of an average, bare-bones policy. From there, the rider should be seeking additional insurance. Even a nonfatal accident could cost a motorcycle rider millions when it comes time to handle medical expenses and property damages.

Since there is so much at stake, it is in the best interests of riders in the state of Ohio to obtain the proper insurance. Umbrella insurance policies are the best choices, as they provide the coverage that will keep you safe from financial disaster. Those who plan on riding with passengers should obtain even more coverage.

Ohio residents that wish to learn more about the ins and outs of potential motorcycle insurance policies are welcome to call or stop by anytime. The Merhar Agency LLC in Willoughby, OH is here to help!