Renters Insurance in Ohio

Once you’ve found the perfect home or apartment to rent in Ohio, your next step should be to purchase renter’s insurance. If your belongings are stolen or damaged in an unforeseen disaster, renter’s insurance from The Merhar Agency LLC in Willoughby, OH will help compensate you for your loss. Here are a few ways renter’s insurance can protect you financially if you’re renting property.

Property Coverage

Property coverage protects your possessions from perils like theft or disaster damage. If a fire destroys the home you’re renting, and you lose all your belongings, renter’s property coverage will help reimburse you for your loss. This includes your clothes, electronics, furniture, or other personal items. By getting adequate property coverage, you’ll have financial help to replace costly goods if they’re stolen or lost in an unfortunate disaster. Property insurance protects your goods against such incidents like theft, vandalism, fire, storm damage, lightning strikes, and more.

Liability Coverage

Renting a home in Ohio gives you a chance to invite family and friends over for special occasions. Liability coverage protects you against accidental injuries that may happen to a guest while he or she is on your property. If a guest falls down the stairs of your condo and breaks an arm, liability insurance will help cover his or her medical costs. Accidents happen all the time. Liability insurance protection can save you from having to pay for accidental injuries out-of-pocket.

Additional Living Expenses Coverage

If a disaster hits your Ohio home or apartment and causes so much damage that you have to live somewhere else for a time, additional living expenses can save you money by helping to cover hotel, food, and travel costs until you can safely return home.

Renter’s insurance offers valuable protection that can benefit all renters in Willoughby, OH. To learn more about renter’s policies, coverage, and costs, contact an agent from The Merhar Agency LLC. We’re here to meet all your insurance needs.