Motorcycle Drivers Should Consider Ample Medical Coverage: Here’s Why

Motorcycles can offer a lot of fun and allow riders to zip through traffic. That said, motorcycles are a bit more dangerous to drive and ride compared to a car. If you get in a motorcycle accident, you could suffer some bad injuries. The proper gear, including helmets and riding suits and/or jackets, is necessary. Ample medical coverage is also needed.

Need help selecting motorcycle insurance? Contact the Merhar Agency LLC, which serves Willoughby, OH, and other areas too! For now, let’s take a look at why ample medical coverage is necessary when driving motorcycles.

Motorcycle Accidents Can Cause Major Injuries, But Ample Medical Coverage Can Cover the Bills

When you drive or ride in a car, you’re basically encased in a protective cage that’s often equipped with airbags and other safety features. It isn’t easy to provide comparable protection on a motorcycle.

If you suffer an accident, you may be thrown from your sports bike, cruiser, or cafe racer, causing serious injuries. Prevention is the best form of treatment, especially when it comes to accidents. That said, you may suffer an unavoidable motorcycle accident.

If you suffer injuries as a result of a vehicle or motorcycle accident, medical coverage will pay the bills. However, there are typically limits to how much is covered. Once limits are reached, you may be responsible for the medical bills out-of-pocket.

When selecting an insurance plan for your motorcycle, car, or other vehicles, you can sometimes select how much medical coverage is provided. Often, this coverage is called bodily injury liability or something similar. Besides paying medical bills, some bodily injury programs will also cover lost wages and other costs.

Since the risks of injury are so high should you be involved in an accident, it’s smart to carry high bodily injury liability coverage to cover potentially expensive medical bills and lost wages.

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Who needs umbrella insurance in Ohio?

In the Willoughby, OH area, having proper coverage for personal liability risk is critical. One great way to improve your coverage for liability risk is by getting an umbrella insurance plan. This is a unique form of insurance coverage that will provide protection on top of coverage you receive through home or auto policies. There are many scenarios in which someone may need to get a full umbrella insurance plan in Ohio.

When Wanting More Coverage

When someone wants to get an umbrella insurance plan, they want to get more coverage. Most people that have home or auto insurance plans will receive an ample amount of liability coverage. However, there will always be the risk that the actual damages in an accident exceed these policies. Fortunately, you can mitigate this risk by getting an umbrella insurance plan as it gives more coverage on top of the base insurance.

Peace of Mind

It would be best to consider getting an umbrella insurance plan as it offers you peace of mind. While there are many risks that you can plan for and insure against, there are others that are far more difficult to predict. When you have an umbrella insurance plan, you will get coverage for unexpected situations as well. This can provide anyone with comfort and peace of mind that they are ready for the unexpected. 

If you are going to get an umbrella insurance plan and are in the Willoughby, OH area, it would be wise to contact The Merhar Agency LLC. The insurance team with The Merhar Agency LLC understands the value that umbrella coverage can provide. They can then help you build a plan to mitigate your liability risk and provide peace of mind. 

Why should I get a flood insurance policy in Ohio?

Those in the Willoughby, OH area that want to buy a home will need to evaluate their insurance needs. One type of insurance that you may need to get here is flood insurance. There are a few reasons why you may need this unique insurance coverage. 

Flood Insurance is an Effective Way to Protect Home

A good reason for anyone to get a flood insurance policy is that it is a great way to protect your home. If you are a property owner and are concerned about the damage caused by a flood, you will want to know that your home is properly secured with insurance. Since a standard home insurance plan may not offer enough coverage, getting a flood insurance policy is a great option as it will give specific coverage to mitigate this risk.

Many Lenders require flood Insurance

If you had taken out a mortgage when you went to buy your home, you should make sure you get the required insurance. If your home is located in a flood zone, this may mean getting a full flood insurance policy. Any lender will run searches on your property to see if you are in a flood zone. If you are, they will require that you get this insurance and maintain coverage the whole time.

Those looking to protect their home in the Willoughby, OH area should consider getting a flood insurance policy. When you are looking for your next flood insurance policy, it would be wise for you to call The Merhar Agency LLC. When you call The Merhar Agency LLC, you will learn about this insurance and how it can protect you. This will help you choose the best policy for your situation. 

What does condo insurance cover

If you are new to owning a condo, you may not realize the difference between condo insurance and home insurance. When you own a condo, you share common areas with your neighbor. You also share common exteriors with other condo owners. The condo association carries insurance to cover the exterior and common areas. This includes things like elevators,  hallways, and a pool. How deeply into your condo, their coverage goes depends on the condo association policy. It would be best if you read their policy before you go to get your condo coverage. At The Merhar Agency LLC in Willoughby, OH, we have been in business for 65 years, and we share our vast experience with our customers. 


Even though the condo association covers your condo’s exterior, you still have a property that needs to be covered. If the coverage is walls-in, it means that things like the kitchen cabinets, floors, bathroom fixtures, and lighting are all things that are your responsibility. 


Liability is coverage that everyone needs. When you have any assets, you are vulnerable to legal action taken against you. Suppose someone is injured while visiting your condo or by a member of your family, you may get sued. This can be expensive not only because of the judgment, but legal fees mount up quickly. 


You have a lot more personal possessions than you probably realize. Even just having to replace your electronics is a daunting prospect, let alone all your furniture and clothing. You have two options with content coverage, replacement cost, and actual value. 

Loss of use

When your condo gets damage, it may not be habitable. You will need a place to stay. Loss of use coverage will pay for a hotel until you can find a short term rental. 

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3 Tips for Purchasing Life Insurance in Ohio

Do you currently have a life insurance policy, or are you thinking about getting a new one? Are you concerned you might not have enough life insurance at present? Many questions are surrounding this topic, and the team at The Merhar Agency LLC is available to answer all of them. Buying a life insurance policy doesn’t have to be a hassle. Have peace of mind knowing you’re taking care of your loved ones even after you pass. Ready to get started? Read on to learn how.

1. Work with a Reputable Insurance Agent

Buying life insurance is something you don’t want to do on your own. Instead, you’ll need a reputable insurance agent from The Merhar Agency LLC to help guide you. This agent will answer all your questions and concerns, explain each policy, and help you decide how much life insurance you need. Tip: The rule of thumb when buying life insurance is to purchase 10 times your current salary amount.

2. Compare Several Quotes

Insurance policies differ on price and coverage. That’s why it’s important to review as many quotes as possible. To narrow down the number, your reputable agent will ask you a few questions, such as your current salary, number of dependents, outstanding debt, and more. This is a great time to ask lots of questions to understand the policy you’re purchasing thoroughly.

3. Bundle Your Life Insurance Policy

Chances are, if you’re reading this, you already have one or more insurance policies. Once you’ve decided on which life insurance policy you want to purchase, consider bundling it with your other policies. Why? Because the insurance carrier will reward you with a discount on your premiums.

To learn more about purchasing life insurance in Willoughby, OH, contact our friendly team today. 

Do you have enough auto insurance?

Auto insurance is required if you drive in Willoughby, OH. There are state mandates that establish the bare minimum coverage that drivers need to operate a vehicle in Ohio legally. Many car owners, however, find that the bare necessity of auto insurance is not enough. The Merhar Agency LLC can help you create an indemnity plan that fully covers you when an incident occurs. 

How much auto insurance is required in Ohio?

State law requires every driver to show proof of at least $25,000 in bodily injury coverage ($50,000 per incident). Drivers need at least $25,000 in coverage for property damage. 

Some policyholders mistakenly believe the state minimum protects them from lawsuits if damages exceed their policy limits. In actuality, Ohio is an “at-fault” state, which means drivers can sue for damages not covered by the responsible party’s insurance plan. 

How to protect yourself

The only way to lower your risk of a lawsuit after an at-fault accident is to make sure you have enough coverage to pay for damages and bodily injuries you may cause. Some policyholders choose limits that exceed $100,000 for bodily injury and property damage to avoid the possibility of falling short of protection. 

Other drivers choose uninsured/underinsured motorist protection. This option safeguards the victim in the instance that the at-fault driver’s policy falls short or is non-existent. 

How much insurance do you need?

Your policy should fully cover all damages and injuries in an accident without the need for out-of-pocket expenses. Determining the exact amount that would cover you in this manner should be done with a professional’s assistance. 

The agents at The Merhar Agency LLC can help you craft the auto insurance policy that best suits your lifestyle. Call our office in Willoughby, OH today to get started with a quote for coverage.

Does Home Insurance Cover Garage Contents?

When it comes to home insurance, it is vital to understand exactly how the coverage can protect the policyholder. This means knowing exactly what is and isn’t covered, so there aren’t any gaps in coverage. Before selecting a policy, make sure to inquire about contents and have the insurance agent explain if additional coverage is advised.

Garage Contents

When it comes to garage contents or outbuildings, most insurance policies will include coverage as an extension of the home. This can include coverage for appliances, yard equipment, and more. Before beginning the home insurance selection process, make sure you’re working with a licensed insurance agent who can explain the terms and conditions of each policy, then recommend appropriate policy options to give homeowners peace of mind. 

Working With An Agency

Insurance agencies like The Merhar Agency LLC, serving Willoughby, OH, can work closely with clients to help them get the coverage they need for their home and garage. In addition, they can also help file claims if the need arises. It’s their commitment to high-level customer service that provides the client with the best insurance policy options and helps prevent unforeseen gaps and losses due to inadequate coverage. Please consult with one of their agents today to get started protecting the things that are valuable to you.

Anyone currently interested in obtaining high-quality home insurance coverage should call or stop by The Merhar Agency LLC. An agent is waiting to speak with you about getting ideal home insurance coverage that fits your lifestyle. The Merhar Agency LLC is eager to work with the residents of Willoughby, OH to help them get the insurance protection that they can rely on for years to come.

3 Reasons to Protect Your Business Against Disasters

We live in unpredictable times in which natural disasters are on the rise. As a business owner in Willoughby, OH, you can counter the risk of disaster damage with commercial insurance. A commercial insurance policy from The Merhar Agency LLC can protect your enterprise against theft, fire, tornadoes, winter storms, lightning strikes, and more. Here are three good reasons to protect your business against disasters. 

Safeguards Your Business Assets

Commercial property insurance covers damage to your business building, equipment and inventory to help you recover from a disaster. This coverage saves you from having to pay for disaster damage out of your business assets. By reimbursing you for disaster damage, property coverage can help you recuperate your losses to save you from financial ruin. It also enables you to get back on your feet quickly after a disaster.

Protects Your Business against Bankruptcy

A major disaster could cause extensive damage to your small business, forcing you to shut down temporarily for repairs. Even if your business closes for a short amount of time, you will lose valuable revenue. Business interruption insurance covers lost revenue due to a disaster. It also includes your payroll, taxes, rent or lease payments, and other essential business operations to protect you against bankruptcy after a disaster.  

Keeps Your Business from Losing Clients

By compensating your Willoughby, OH business for disaster damage, commercial insurance can help expedite your recovery. This enables you to continue providing the products or services your customers need. A quick recovery could save you from losing clientele to local competitors who weren’t affected by the disaster.

Commercial coverage can be customized to provide the essential protection your business needs. To learn more about commercial insurance options and costs, call or visit The Merhar Agency LLC.