Winter Care for Your Motorcycle

To make the most of the investment you have made into your motorcycle, it is important that you take the right winter care steps. At the Merhar Agency LLC, serving Willoughby, OH, we are all about helping our clients protect their investments with the right insurance policies and asset advice. Keep reading to learn more about winter care for your motorcycle.

Why Winter Care?

If you plan to put your bike up for the winter, it is very important that you take the proper winter care steps. Following these steps will ensure that your bike does not sustain any damage due to harsh winter temperatures. These few steps can be done either at a shop or in your own garage. 

Fill Up and Stabilize

You will want to fill your gas tank and add a fuel stabilizer. Be sure to only use fresh gas and a fresh stabilizer. 

Oil and Filter Change

Now is a good time to give your bike an oil and filter change. Putting the bike up with clean oil will keep any corrosion from forming due to dirty oil or debris in the oil. 

Drain the Carborator 

This is a smart step if a vehicle is going to be sitting for a long period of time, especially if low temperatures are expected. 

Protect Mufflers 

During the winter months, mice will try to make homes in any small safe places they can find. Mufflers are a perfect spot. You can protect your mufflers from critters by stuffing steel wool into a sandwich bag and then stuffing the bag into the muffler. Cover the muffler with brightly colored tape to remind yourself to remove the bags before cranking the bike up again. 

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