Why you need condo insurance

Owning a condo is something many people prefer. It makes owning a home possible in some cases and in others; it is the lack of exterior maintenance that is the big attraction. No matter what your reason for choosing condo ownership is, you still need to protect your investment. Condo insurance is designed to protect condos and only includes the kinds of coverage you need. The Merhar Agency LLC in Willoughby, OH we have been providing friendly and knowledgeable customer service to local residents for more than 65 years. 

To protect your assets

You need condo insurance to protect your assets. Not only the money you have invested in your condo but your other assets. Liability insurance is included in condo insurance, and it will help to protect you if you are involved in a legal action where someone sues you. It covers you, the members of the family, and even your furry friends as long as they are not excluded. It can also help with the legal costs of defending yourself. 

Protect your possessions

Condo insurance protects the contents of your condo. This includes things like your furniture, appliances, clothes, electronics, and jewelry. Some categories do have limits so make sure you are aware of them. You can increase the limit if necessary with a rider. Your possessions are also covered when they are away from home with you. 

Loss of use

When a covered hazard damages your condo you may have to find another place to stay. In the immediate aftermath it will reimburse you for hotel expenses and if needed help you to pay for a short-term rental. This coverage is not in every policy. Make sure it is included with yours. 

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