Is it time to renew your boat insurance policy?

If it is time to renew your boat policy, give the folks at The Merhar Agency LLC a call today. We provide the greater Willoughby, OH area residents with all of their insurance needs and would welcome the opportunity to work with you.

Review your boat policy before you renew

When it comes to renewing our insurance, many of us fall into the trap of simply renewing the same policies year after year without giving it much thought. However, insurance needs can change, and it’s a good idea to give your policies a quick review before you renew them. And, it’s not a bad idea to sit down with your local agent.

Boat policies should reflect your liability protection needs. You will also want to make sure that your collision coverage is in line with the value of your vessel as well as replacement costs. Medical expense coverage is another area where you will want to make sure that your policy limits are keeping pace with your protection needs.

We recommend that our clients give their policies a comprehensive review at least once a year. This allows you to recognize any gaps or overages in coverage with time to make the necessary adjustments. Simply renewing the same policy year after year can mean that one day you won’t have the coverage that you need. Don’t find out after it’s too late that your insurance policy is inadequate for your current needs.

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The Merhar Agency LLC is here to help the greater Willoughby, OH community with all of its insurance needs. If you have questions about your current boat policy or are considering a boat purchase in the near future, give us a call today!