Is Boat Insurance Required in Ohio?

Boat insurance is not required in Ohio, unless you have a lender that requires it. Still, it is a wise purchase, to ensure that you are covered for every possible risk when you are on the water.

At The Merhar Agency LLC, we want Willoughby, OH residents to feel secure when they are on their boats. We can help you to design the best boat insurance policy for your needs. 

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What Boat Insurance Coverage is Available

When you are purchasing boat insurance, the minimum you want to have is liability coverage. This will protect you financially in the event of an accident for which you are found to be liable.

You can also get property damage for damage that occurs to your boats as a result of collisions, and comprehensive insurance for theft, vandalism, fire, and most incidents that cause damage that aren’t collision-related. 

In addition to this coverage, you can get coverage for contents, and specific equipment coverage.

What Does Liability Coverage Protect?

When you have boat insurance, liability coverage covers bodily injury liability and property damage liability. 

Bodily injury liability coverage will pay for medical costs and lost wages when there are injuries suffered after an accident. This pays for third parties that were in an accident with you, for which you are at fault.

Property damage liability pays for damages to a third party’s property after an accident or damage has been caused. This could happen after a collision, a fuel spill, or a number of other boat-related accidents.

There is a lot to getting boat insurance, and when you do, you will buy peace of mind.

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You are not required to get boat insurance in Ohio, but it’s always a smart choice. At The Merhar Agency LLC, we want Willoughby, OH residents to feel secure on the water and protected against every possible financial risk. Call us for a quote today.