Do I Still Need RV insurance If My Vehicle is Stored in a Building?

Many people in Willoughby, OH only use their recreational vehicles during the warmer months of the year. So, the natural question involves whether they must continue using RV insurance during the months of their year when that vehicle is in storage. The answer to that question depends on where you store your RV. The Merhar Agency LLC can help you determine whether you need to continue your RV coverage when you are not on the road.

Does the Storage Facility Have Insurance?

Issues such as thefts, fires, and other mishaps can happen if you place your RV in storage. Many commercial policies will cover damage to your RV if a covered accident occurs. Check with the facility before you commit to anything to determine whether you need additional coverage. If you place your RV in a commercial storage facility, you may not need additional insurance if the facility covers mishaps such as fires, theft, and the like. However, if the facility doesn’t have storage insurance included, you should consider long-term RV storage insurance to ensure that your vehicle remains safe.

What If I Store My RV on My Property?

The answer is it depends. The first thing you need to do is review your homeowner’s insurance policy to see what coverage you have. Even if your current insurance doesn’t cover RV storage, you may be able to add coverage through an umbrella policy or another special provision.

No matter where you store your RV, have someone evaluate it before you put it in storage. This step will help ensure its condition.

The Merhar Agency LLC can help Willoughby, OH residents determine the best course for RV insurance. Contact our office today. Roget started on an economical policy that fits your needs.

Insuring Your Ohio RV: What You Need to Know

Traveling in your recreational vehicle (RV) can be an exciting adventure, providing an opportunity to explore the open road and make memories. However, as an RV owner in Ohio, it’s essential to ensure you have adequate insurance coverage to protect yourself, your vehicle, and your belongings. The Merhar Agency LLC in Willoughby, OH is here to help you understand the ins and outs of RV insurance.

About RV Insurance

First and foremost, insuring your RV in Ohio is mandatory, just like any other vehicle on the road. However, RV insurance differs from standard auto insurance in several ways. Since your RV functions as both a vehicle and a living space, you’ll need coverage that encompasses both aspects. At The Merhar Agency LLC serving Willoughby, OH, our knowledgeable agents can guide you in selecting the appropriate coverage for your unique needs.

There are different types of RV insurance policies available, depending on your vehicle type and usage. For instance, if you own a motorhome, you may require a specialized policy that offers coverage for the vehicle itself, as well as personal property and liability protection. If you have a travel trailer, you’ll need insurance to cover any damages to the trailer, along with liability coverage for potential injuries or property damage.

Additionally, you should consider adding comprehensive and collision coverage, which protects your RV in the event of theft, vandalism, or damage due to an accident. We can help you evaluate your specific needs and tailor a policy that suits your lifestyle.

Another important aspect of RV insurance is understanding the difference between full-time and part-time coverage. Full-time coverage is designed for those who live in their RVs year-round or for an extended period, while part-time coverage is for occasional or seasonal use. Be sure to discuss your situation with our agents to determine the appropriate level of coverage.

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Insuring your Ohio RV is crucial for your safety and financial well-being. We are committed to helping you navigate the complexities of RV insurance and ensuring you have the right coverage for your needs. 

Should you get an RV insurance plan in Ohio?

Anyone living in the Willoughby, OH will find there are a lot of great parks and other sightseeing activities to enjoy throughout the state. If you want to tour the state and rest of the country efficiently, investing in your own RV would be a good option. If you get an RV, you will also need insurance for it. There are various reasons you need to get this coverage.

Here Is Why We Recommend Getting An RV Insurance Plan

Reduce Liability Risks

An important reason anyone will want to get an RV insurance policy is so they can reduce their liability risks. If you choose to invest in an RV, you will be taking on unique liability risks. Not only is there a risk that an accident could occur when driving, but there is also a chance of an accident occurring when relaxing in the RV when not on the road. If you invest in a full RV insurance plan, you will have coverage for all of these risks. 

Cover RV and Assets

It would also be a good idea to get an RV insurance plan to cover your RV and assets. If you choose to purchase an RV, there is going to be a chance that there is an accident or theft that results in a loss. With a full insurance plan, you can protect against both of these risks.

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If you are an RV owner in the Willoughby, OH area, you will want to have the right insurance at all times. A great way that you can start the process of searching for a new plan is by calling the team with The Merhar Agency LLC. When you call The Merhar Agency LLC, you will get any guidance necessary to build your next plan. This will help ensure your RV is covered and that you remain in full insurance compliance. 

How to Understand Terms With RV Insurance in Ohio

Willoughby, OH residents love their RVs, but they sometimes don’t like the complicated insurance terms that come with RV ownership. At the Merhar Agency LLC, we think that for RV insurance in Ohio, the terms are not as complex as they sound. Like every other insurance policy you have, there are standard coverages and optional coverages.

Standard Recreational Insurance

The standard coverages for recreational insurance include liability coverage, and property damage coverage.

Liability coverage will cover you in the event that you are in an accident, and found to be responsible for any personal injury or wrongful death that is the result. 

Property damage coverage will pay for any damage to your own property, and some property in the vehicle at the time of an accident, theft, or fire. 

Here you could have the actual cash value, agreed upon value, or full loss replacement of your vehicle when it comes to property damage.

Determining Value in RV Insurance

When you get RV insurance, a value is set in your insurance policy in the event of property damage.  The most common terms here are actual cash value, agreed value, and full loss replacement.

  • Actual cash value: This is a default option in RV insurance and what most policies have. If your RV is damaged, you will get paid according to what it is worth on the market that day. If you have a deductible, that will be subtracted from your payout.
  • Agreed value: This value is a value that you have set with your insurance provider when you get the insurance policy.
  • Full loss replacement: This amount is considered the best coverage, but not every RV will qualify. You will get paid for the full loss of the vehicle in the event of an accident. Many insurance companies will only provide full loss replacements on vehicles that are less than a year old, and will only allow you to carry this insurance for a certain number of years.

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