Boat Insurance: Reasons Why You Need It And How To Get It

Do you need boat insurance in Ohio? Though it is not a requirement by law, you need boat insurance to finance future damages in accidents. Contact The Merhar Agency, LLC, serving Willoughby, OH, and the surrounding areas, for all your boat insurance concerns.

What Is Boat Insurance?

Boat insurance is an insurance policy for your watercraft. It finances the costs needed to recover from any accidents in water and storage. With boat insurance coverage, you can pilot your boat peacefully, knowing that whatever happens, your insurer has got your back.

Why Do You Need Boat Insurance?

The need for boat insurance and auto insurance is similar. Boat insurance will help you in the following ways, depending on the policy you choose.

Replace Your Boat After A Theft

If your boat is hijacked in the water or stolen in storage, you won’t even fret. You file a claim to your provider, and they will get you a new boat.

Replace Your Boat After An Accident

If a hurricane ruins your boat, the provider will cover all the costs needed to get your boat back in working order. You can even get back valuables damaged inside the boat. Even when an uninsured motorist or a submerged rock wrecks your boat, your insurer can foot the repair bills.

Cover Medical Expenses After A Boat Accident

If a boat accident injures you or any passengers, your provider pays the medical bills.

Requirement By Marinas

If you plan to store your boat in a marina, they will need you to cover your boat against liabilities.

Requirement By Lienholders

If you want to take a loan to buy a boat, the lienholder (like a bank) will ask you to insure it until you pay up the full amount. There are different boat policies to cover any of your fears. An insurance agent will answer all your questions and help you choose the best option.

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