Do I Still Need RV insurance If My Vehicle is Stored in a Building?

Many people in Willoughby, OH only use their recreational vehicles during the warmer months of the year. So, the natural question involves whether they must continue using RV insurance during the months of their year when that vehicle is in storage. The answer to that question depends on where you store your RV. The Merhar Agency LLC can help you determine whether you need to continue your RV coverage when you are not on the road.

Does the Storage Facility Have Insurance?

Issues such as thefts, fires, and other mishaps can happen if you place your RV in storage. Many commercial policies will cover damage to your RV if a covered accident occurs. Check with the facility before you commit to anything to determine whether you need additional coverage. If you place your RV in a commercial storage facility, you may not need additional insurance if the facility covers mishaps such as fires, theft, and the like. However, if the facility doesn’t have storage insurance included, you should consider long-term RV storage insurance to ensure that your vehicle remains safe.

What If I Store My RV on My Property?

The answer is it depends. The first thing you need to do is review your homeowner’s insurance policy to see what coverage you have. Even if your current insurance doesn’t cover RV storage, you may be able to add coverage through an umbrella policy or another special provision.

No matter where you store your RV, have someone evaluate it before you put it in storage. This step will help ensure its condition.

The Merhar Agency LLC can help Willoughby, OH residents determine the best course for RV insurance. Contact our office today. Roget started on an economical policy that fits your needs.