What Will Happen to Businesses Without Umbrella Insurance in Lawsuits?

Umbrella insurance policies help protect many businesses from severe liability issues. And we at The Merhar Agency LLC can help Willoughby, OH owners understand their coverage options and minimize their potential financial loss in an intense and long-term lawsuit situation.

How Umbrella Insurance Protects You 

Umbrella insurance policies are a form of additional liability that goes into effect when your standard business liability coverage is depleted. For example, if you get into an extensive lawsuit and your typical coverage cannot cover the whole cost of your case, you will have to pay out of pocket. 

And if the overall costs of your lawsuit are high enough, you might find yourself on the brink of bankruptcy. High-quality umbrella policies help you by covering these costs for you, giving you a better chance of staying solvent and minimizing the overall impact a lawsuit may have on your bottom line.

Common Risks It Covers 

Your umbrella insurance policy will cover a wide variety of different risk situations to protect you and your company from lawsuits. Just a few of these include:

  • Severe injuries to older patients with heavy doctor bills 
  • Product failures that affect many people 
  • Recalls that may impact a broad range of buyers 
  • Class action lawsuits that could bankrupt you 

By getting an excellent umbrella insurance policy, you protect yourself and your business from severe financial loss. Otherwise, you might end up having to close down in many circumstances.

Get a Policy Today 

So if you operate a business in Willoughby, OH, and want to minimize your potential lawsuit risks, please contact us at The Merhar Agency LLC right away to learn more. Our team of experts will do what they can to help transition you to a high-quality umbrella insurance policy ASAP.