Do you Need Commercial Motorcycle Insurance?

Commercial Motorcycle Insurance – Necessity or Choice?

Are you a motorcycle owner using your vehicle for business in Willoughby, OH? If yes, obtaining a commercial motorcycle insurance policy isn’t just lawfully mandated but also pledges reimbursement if an untoward incident occurs during work usage.

Let’s discuss when one would need commercial motorcycle insurance and the coverage it offers:

When is Commercial Motorcycle Insurance Required?

Commute for work to and fro does not require commercial coverage. However, if the motorcycle is used for commercial activities, you’ll need it. Such activities may include making deliveries, traveling for business meetings, operating a motorcycle rental business, or even allowing an employee to use your motorcycle. It’s always illegal for an employee to use your motorcycle without commercial insurance— even if they are family.

What Does Commercial Motorcycle Insurance Cover?

Coverage depends on the policy type chosen. Basic policies often include bodily injury liability, general liability, and property damage liability coverage. If delays could impact your work, including towing assistance would be beneficial. Consider excess liability coverage or umbrella coverage if you operate in an industry prone to civil litigation.

Get Commercial Motorcycle Insurance From The Merhar Agency LLC

At The Merhar Agency LLC, a family-owned firm catering to Willoughby, OH residents since the 1950s, we pride ourselves in understanding commercial motorcycle insurance under various circumstances. Our personalized guidance can help you select the most suitable policy for your business. Feel free to contact us to learn more or request a quote.

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