Animals Invaded Your House During a Flood: What Can Your Insurance Do?

Floods can cause a lot of surprising damage issues, such as animals invading a home unexpectedly. At The Merhar Agency LLC serving Willoughby, OH, we’ve run into many of these coverage issues. And we’re here to help you understand your options here.

Understanding What Your Policy Will Cover 

When you have a flood insurance policy, your home will be protected against severe natural floods and the damages that it causes. For example, it will help to safeguard things like your electrical system, your plumbing elements, all furnaces and water heaters, appliances in your home, permanently installed carpeting, window blinds, your foundation, a detached garage, and most of your belongings. 

But what happens when animals get into your home during a flood and cause damage? For example, if a flood causes your door to burst open and frightened animals like rabbits, deer, or other creatures get into your home, they may cause a lot of damage trying to get out. Are you covered for the damage that they may cause? Or are you going to be stuck with an expensive repair bill? 

Here is where things get tricky with your flood insurance policy. Some options may cover animal damage, depending on whether it is related to the flood. That’s because they may cover ALL issues caused during a flood, including problems with animals. However, that isn’t always the case, and some policies may have limitations. It is essential to talk to your agent to learn more about this factor. 

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