Do you Need Commercial Motorcycle Insurance?

Commercial Motorcycle Insurance – Necessity or Choice?

Are you a motorcycle owner using your vehicle for business in Willoughby, OH? If yes, obtaining a commercial motorcycle insurance policy isn’t just lawfully mandated but also pledges reimbursement if an untoward incident occurs during work usage.

Let’s discuss when one would need commercial motorcycle insurance and the coverage it offers:

When is Commercial Motorcycle Insurance Required?

Commute for work to and fro does not require commercial coverage. However, if the motorcycle is used for commercial activities, you’ll need it. Such activities may include making deliveries, traveling for business meetings, operating a motorcycle rental business, or even allowing an employee to use your motorcycle. It’s always illegal for an employee to use your motorcycle without commercial insurance— even if they are family.

What Does Commercial Motorcycle Insurance Cover?

Coverage depends on the policy type chosen. Basic policies often include bodily injury liability, general liability, and property damage liability coverage. If delays could impact your work, including towing assistance would be beneficial. Consider excess liability coverage or umbrella coverage if you operate in an industry prone to civil litigation.

Get Commercial Motorcycle Insurance From The Merhar Agency LLC

At The Merhar Agency LLC, a family-owned firm catering to Willoughby, OH residents since the 1950s, we pride ourselves in understanding commercial motorcycle insurance under various circumstances. Our personalized guidance can help you select the most suitable policy for your business. Feel free to contact us to learn more or request a quote.

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3 Reasons to Protect Your Business Against Disasters

We live in unpredictable times in which natural disasters are on the rise. As a business owner in Willoughby, OH, you can counter the risk of disaster damage with commercial insurance. A commercial insurance policy from The Merhar Agency LLC can protect your enterprise against theft, fire, tornadoes, winter storms, lightning strikes, and more. Here are three good reasons to protect your business against disasters. 

Safeguards Your Business Assets

Commercial property insurance covers damage to your business building, equipment and inventory to help you recover from a disaster. This coverage saves you from having to pay for disaster damage out of your business assets. By reimbursing you for disaster damage, property coverage can help you recuperate your losses to save you from financial ruin. It also enables you to get back on your feet quickly after a disaster.

Protects Your Business against Bankruptcy

A major disaster could cause extensive damage to your small business, forcing you to shut down temporarily for repairs. Even if your business closes for a short amount of time, you will lose valuable revenue. Business interruption insurance covers lost revenue due to a disaster. It also includes your payroll, taxes, rent or lease payments, and other essential business operations to protect you against bankruptcy after a disaster.  

Keeps Your Business from Losing Clients

By compensating your Willoughby, OH business for disaster damage, commercial insurance can help expedite your recovery. This enables you to continue providing the products or services your customers need. A quick recovery could save you from losing clientele to local competitors who weren’t affected by the disaster.

Commercial coverage can be customized to provide the essential protection your business needs. To learn more about commercial insurance options and costs, call or visit The Merhar Agency LLC.